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Jackie Guigui-Stolberg

Expertise: My specialty is GERMANY. Otherwise, I am a generalist. I have written about food, homeless people, organic farming, the military, nudism, education, motorcycles, antiques, mechanical engineers, fashion, politics, cats and dogs…. I love to work my way into new subject areas.

Daniel Burton

Expertise: mental health, spirituality & the paranormal, badminton, tennis, football

PR Hilton

Expertise: Creative writing, Self-Publishing, Stress Management, Counselling, Therapy & Coaching; NLP, Mind, Body, Spirit, Shamanism, Witchcraft, Druidry, Ghosts, Hauntings & The Occult, Contemplative Christian Path, Celtic Christianity, Entertainment, Acting and performance, Magic & conjuring, Music, Second World War, Home Front Britain, Marketing and PR

James Down

Expertise: Visual culture, Film, Photography, Art History, Antiquarianism, 19th & 20th century history

Michelle Wood

Expertise: Christmas, party/event planning, children, child development, education, art and crafts, outdoor learning, mental health, wellbeing, home improvement, hobbies, holidays, family life including travel and holidays, chocolate!

Bea Davenport

Expertise: Fiction, Creative nonfiction, Journalism.

Charlotte Fleming

Expertise: Travel and tourism (Scotland), versatile writer able to research and write web content, blogs, newsletters, brochures and handouts, case studies and reports, press releases, features and social media posts on a diverse range of subjects.

Simon Yates

Expertise: software engineer/technology, armchair watcher of movies, books.

Deb Hawken

Expertise: Spirituality, Mediumship and the spiritual field, Gender issues, Loss of direction in life, Relationship issues, Conflict, Family disagreements, How to change your life for the better, Infinite Possibilities and Cosmic Ordering/Law of Attraction

Kathryn Berens

Expertise: Finance, Business, Lifestyle, Parenting, Entertainment, Politics

Thelma Etim

Expertise: Journalism, Air transport, Aviation, General industry, Current affairs, Politics, Economics, Education, Health

Michael Heath

Expertise: Arts - Film, TV, Theatre and Music

Margaret J. Paxton-Love

Expertise: Countryside, Wildlife, Pets, Aviation, Military History, Personal Stories, Family History,Social History, Cookery, Wine, Entertaining, Writing for Children

Gareth Hill

Expertise: Travel, Film & TV, IT, Property Investment, Sport, Family & Parenting, Literature

Angela Hammond

Expertise: Poetry; special diet recipes (sugar, wheat, dairy and yeast free); short stories (all genres); plays; romance; flash fiction; wedding speeches.

Louise Birkett

Expertise: HR and recruitment, business, history, law, crafts, utilities, finance, customer service, beauty, housing, manufacturing, and fiction.

Vicky Burman

Expertise: Health and social care, learning and development.

Rachel Contini

Expertise: Screenwriting, and articles about self help, retail, parenting and NLP.

Kate Frost

Expertise: Travel; Health; Theatre; Film; Art; Writing; Parenting; Food; Lifestyle; History.

Sarah Graham

Expertise: Subjects including psychology, health, mental health, women's issues, feminism, lifestyle, cats, culture, self-employment.

Olivia Greenway

Expertise: Feature writing especially travel, lifestyle and first person pieces; round ups, top tens and listicles; blog posts. Sharp, well crafted copywriting – web copy, rewriting web copy, brochures, business proposals.

Pam Henry

Expertise: Children's Fiction

Allison Hill

Expertise: Food issues; health; sustainability/corporate responsibility; marketing; company histories and brand biographies; and HR. Writes and edits a wide range of materials, from websites to white papers.

Richard Innfield

Expertise: Radio, theatre, film, television, video; most tech subjects; heavily-researched magazine features (often medical or tech); Africa; relocation; travel; back-page style (often satirical) columns; animals; consumer issues & social comment.

Suzi Macdonald

Expertise: Fiction for adults and children and non-fiction, including general interest and business articles, in-depth B2B reports, product reviews, presentations and user guides.

Elinor Perry-Smith

Expertise: Sceenwriting, playwriting, proofreading, film, science fiction, disability

Reverend Joanna Z. Ray

Expertise: Science Fiction as well as non-fiction (science, health and social care).

Virginia Ritchie

Expertise: Fiction and parenting experience articles. Both with attempted humour.

Amanda Saint

Expertise: Sustainability, Urbanisation, Renewable Energy, Climate Change, Biotechnology, Fiction, Creative Writing

Tandy Sande

Expertise: Human experience stories including holistic living, health, diet, food, travel, short stories, and anything to do with human endeavours.

Baiba Sturite

Expertise: New Age,Teachings, Astrology, Meditation, Development, Reiki, Religion, Paranormal, Alternative Therapies, etc

Jo Tideswell

Expertise: Beauty, Hair, Health, Fashion, Food (vegetarian), Blog Writing, Articles for Websites and Magazines.

Claire Vargha

Expertise: News, health and wellbeing, travel, interviews, lifestyle, sport

Nicole Webb

Expertise: Expat life, travel, culture, Asia, parenthood, spa & beauty, hotels, IT, social media, corporate, business, politics, human rights, show biz and more. 20 years' journalism experience.

Nicola Young

Expertise: Nutrition, health, market research, consumer insight and buying behaviour


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