Rachel Contini

Writing Services:  Rachel Contini

I can write pretty much anything but poetry - I'm fairly good at poetry (I did once write and star in a five minute Dr Suess style play) but it's not something I love doing, I prefer to leave it to the experts.


Self help, retail, parenting and NLP are my strengths, however I love the challenge of delving into things I don't know because it's a great way to learn. For example, I learned all about how the economy works from writing and delivering a speech on the subject.


I am a screenwriting, ice skating, running, canoeing, cycling & bungee jumping mum of two. I'm a qualified NLP practitioner and I'm fascinated with the power of the mind and the quirks of human behaviour. I try to be spiritual but I'm far too fidgety for meditation. I write both fiction and non-fiction, I write a great speech but my passion is script. My first script for a sitcom was shortlisted with BBC writers room. I also teach from time to time at the Writers Summer School.

Location: England


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