Simon Yates

Simon Yates


  • I've worked as a software engineer for over twenty years and have kept up with technology as well as anyone around fifty can be expected to.
  • I am an armchair watcher of movies as well as reading many books.


I'm a procrastinator by trade but I'm trying my hardest to actually write things.
I've completed three novels and keep one of the world's least updated blogs, where I mainly moan about the publishing industry's lack of vision regarding their ludicrous oversight of my novels.
Writing Services: I'm comfortable writing most types of words, from aardvark to zymurgy, although I don't particularly like adverbs. Or the word “moist”
I think I'm mostly suited to humorous, light pieces but can write stodgy non-fiction when required.
I'm not clever enough for poetry.

Other Info:

I came second in my 4th-year juniors 100-yard running race. If someone paid me to go to restaurants I would explode in less than a week.





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