Tandy Sande

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I consider myself to be an eclectic writer, preferring to write on a wide range of genre. My philosophy is that life is full of many experiences and so to be involved in many aspects of what it has to offer is quite fulfilling. I do not profess to write on ALL topics, for that is impossible; but I like to keep an open mind and be led by both subjective and objective aspects in any given situation and human experiences.


Having stated that I consider myself an open minded writer, in this section - for the sake of responding to it - I will limit my "expertise" to human experiences that includes holistic living - health, diet, food, travel, short stories, and anything to do with human endeavours that is within my understanding.


I have always appreciated a well written piece of work. Over the years, I have developed an ability to identify quality work and a respect for those authors that write a well rounded piece of work in theme as well as grammar.

I find that all aspects of writing add up to give character to any written work and so it is my commitment to produce work that is worth reading and meeting all the qualities of a good piece of work.

Location: United Kingdom


Email: tandy.sande@yahoo.co.uk


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