Your Questions Answered…

What is WriteThisMoment?
WriteThisMoment is a UK based service supporting new and established writers and authors by helping them find paying writing markets and opportunities. We also help editors, publishers, organisations and businesses to find the writers they need through our Directory of Freelance Writers and Writing Opportunities Listings.

Who are your members?
Our members are primarily UK based new, fledgling, and professional writers and authors - including freelance writers, creative writers, novelists, poets, non-fiction authors, playwrights, scriptwriters, and copywriters.

What type of opportunities are featured on the website?
You will find details of magazine markets; blog writing opportunities; publishers looking for authors; staff-writing positions; writers’ grants and bursary schemes; writing tutor vacancies; companies seeking writers; individuals or companies seeking ghost-writers; creative writing opportunities; short story and poetry markets; and writing competitions.

What do I gain for my membership fee?
You gain access to the latest paying writing opportunities, markets, and jobs posted to the site every week  - plenty to motivate you towards publication and success! If you have taken a Full Membership, you also have a listing in the Directory, a writer profile page and your own web address.

How many writing opportunities are on the website?
At any one time, the site features over 400 writing opportunities and is updated with 20+ new postings every week.

Where are the jobs and opportunities based?
The majority of writing opportunities are from the UK and USA, but many opportunities posted offer remote working opportunities, which is ideal for the freelance writer or author. Most of the staff writing jobs are based in specific countries - mostly the UK, USA and occasionally Dubai or Europe - ideal for the writer looking for a change of scene!

Where do you find the featured writing opportunities?
We widely source and curate writing opportunities. Some of the information is provided directly from editors, publishers and companies seeking writers, and some from the public domain.

Surely I can find these writing opportunities for myself if I search the net?
You could certainly find writing opportunities by trawling the internet if you have time to spend doing just that, but one of the main benefits of WriteThisMoment is that we find the opportunities for you so that you have more time to write and sell your work! It costs £3 per month to use the service (less if you pay for 12 months access!) and you have access to hundreds of potential opportunities… including those gems that you would find hard or impossible to find elsewhere.

Will I find publishing success and increase my income as a writer from being a subscriber? 
It depends on several factors such as the quality of your writing; what you can offer as a writer; whether you can provide the editor / publisher with exactly what they want; how much time you commit to your writing; how many writing opportunities you apply for; and even that little thing called luck. Basically, much is down to the effort you put in - we just provide details of the possibilities! To inspire you though, some of our members have been with us for several years and many have picked up an incredible amount of paid work.

Are you an employment agency?
No. Employment / recruitment agencies place applicants in specific jobs and receive a fee from either the job seeker or the employer only after placement. Our service differs in that we provide a useful newsletter and writing opportunities listing service, which subscribers can use as a time-saving resource to find the latest writing positions and prospects.

Are you involved with the recruitment process?
No - we just present details of the opportunities. It's up to you to find out more and to follow-up on any applications or contacts.

Do all writing opportunities pay?
We tend to feature only writing opportunities that offer payment. Occasionally, we feature some opportunities that offer rewards / prizes that are perceived to have monetary value. More rarely, we include the occasional start-up publication that is seeking writers to offer material in return for clippings. We don't make a habit of this though because we believe writers should be paid for the work they do. After all, the printers get paid, the distributors get paid, so why not the writers?

I specialise in finance writing. Can you find me more relevant opportunities?
Yes. When you let us know the type of writing that you specialise in, we will add details to our search lists and look out for any particular opportunities in your area of interest. These will be added to the website as per usual.

I'd like to join WriteThisMoment, but don't have a account. Can you suggest any alternatives?
You can pay by credit card as do process credit card payments. You can also pay by bank transfer providing it is in UK funds. Please contact us for more information.

How and why do you offer this service for such a low fee?
We know what it's like to be a writer! It can be tough finding work and we don't want to make it tougher by charging high subscription fees. We really care about the service we provide and want the service to be affordable to all writers. As to how we do it - we try to keep our overheads as low as possible!

Are your testimonials genuine?
Absolutely! We focus on providing an ethical and professional service and we've had some fantastic, genuine feedback.

I'm looking for a writer. Will you post details on your site?
As long as the opportunity is genuine and you offer payment for the work, we will be delighted to include your posting on the site free of charge. All you have to do is send us details of the opportunity with your contact information and, if possible, an idea of the rate of pay.

How do I change my membership details?
You can log-in to the Members' Area if you require a new password. You can also contact us if you need to update your email address.

I'm having problems logging in to the website. What can I do?
Don't panic! Before contacting us, please try the following to see if it resolves the problem:

# Check you are logging in with the correct username and password. Please note that the log-in is `case sensitive' so if you signed up using capital letters in your password or username, you need to log-in using those capital letters where appropriate.

# Check that your web browser isn't blocking your access to the website. Try logging in with another web browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

# Sometimes, log-in problems can be caused by cache or cookie conflicts. Try clearing your cookies and cache for a fresh start but make sure you've remembered ALL your usernames & passwords for all sites you log in to!

# Sometimes, temporary technical gremlins occur, when one part of the website isn't speaking to another. Try logging in a little later to see if this resolves the issue.

If you're still unable to log-in after you've tried the remedies above, do contact us and please be patient and kind! Technical gremlins can be very frustrating (for you and for us). They do occur sometimes and we'll do our best to get you back on the site as soon as possible.

Do you have a question that we haven't answered here?

If so, please contact us.