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Poetry; special diet recipes (sugar, wheat, dairy and yeast free); short stories (all genres); plays; romance; flash fiction; wedding speeches.


I am a professional writer living in South East London and have lived in London all my life. I began writing at around five years old. Every Sunday my father would give me compositions to write on different subjects. That was when I discovered my love of creative writing.

I write poetry and all forms of fiction. I hope my work causes one to think or feel something. My poetry has been published in magazines and online. I am one of the poets in “Ten Of The Best," a showcase of poetry from ten women writers in Great Britain as well as being one of the featured writers in “Women Writers Of The Year 2013" published by United Press. I also have poems published in several other books.

I write about every subject... love, loss, pain, joy and everyday observations. As an artistic person I also enjoy abstract painting, singing, sewing and nail art.

Writing Examples:


No Returns
I wore perfume today
when I wasn’t going to see you.
It wasn’t the same.
There was no one for my scent
to connect with.
I still need to connect with you,
my other half.
Although you behave like a damaged half,
I can’t return you.
When I opened the package,
the invoice said, “no returns.”

Your Hurt
If you trample in the wilderness
like a wild animal
crushing baby animals
to pieces with your feet.
Smashing their tiny bones with your feet,
there will be collateral damage.
Some of the creatures still living
will now walk with a limp.

Flash Fiction:

“Thanks for coming,” his deep voice is as kind as ever.
“What do you want to say?” But her eyes give her away. She edges closer; wanting him to inhale her perfume she had stopped wearing.
“How've you been?”
“How do you think I've been?” she replies. It looks like he hasn't slept.
“I love you,” he says, holding her gaze. Her heart beat makes the fabric of her dress vibrate.
“Do you want me to say it back?” she asks, glancing at his afro. “I could have met someone else.”
He takes hold of her hand. She gives in.

Location: Great Britain






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