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“As a freelance writer, I deal in ideas. But when my creative juices run dry, it’s great to know WriteThisMoment.com is there offering a world of new publications, places to pitch and opportunities to seize. I’m now regularly writing for a recruitment magazine found through WriteThisMoment – something I’d never considered until I saw it on the site. I’ve also come across quite a few other markets I never knew existed and have more than paid for my subscription fee with magazine commissions. Many thanks!”– Nicky Solloway

“WriteThisMoment.com is the only writers’ site I subscribe to, and one of their ads resulted in me getting my first-ever PAID freelance writing job last year. Not only do they provide a great opportunity to find writers’ jobs at the click of a mouse, but I’ve found them invaluable (and extremely prompt), in providing me with answers to any questions I’ve needed help with. A great site.” – Jane Reynolds

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoy and value your website. As a freelance journalist, I’ve picked up good work through your jobs board and I have signed a book deal with a publisher advertising on the site. It is an excellent website. Keep up the good work.” – Tina Orr Munro

“I love your site! I’ve been a full-time freelance writer for 20 years but this has opened up whole new areas I’d never come across before. It’s also very encouraging to know that there are so many outlets for both fiction and non-fiction in these straitened times. I’ve passed on the site details to a number of friends.” – Karen Holmes

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