Impress for Writing Success!

Whether you’re submitting a story to a magazine, applying for a copywriting contract or sending a book proposal to a publisher, your chances of gaining a successful result largely depends upon your ability to impress the editor / publisher or decision-maker.

Before you apply for any writing opportunity, remember the following:

1. Be polite and professional in all your communications and actions.

2. Show yourself as being reliable – you always meet your deadlines, yes?

3. Read and adhere to any guidelines provided.

4. Keep your correspondence specific, brief and business-like. Respond promptly.

5. Have you done your research? Ensure that your proposal is suitable for your target readership and is just what the editor / publisher / agent or employer requires.

6. Check your spelling and grammar. Read through your work, and check again.

7. Submit a clean, neatly presented proposal / completed work.

8. Provide a brief bio relevant to your proposal that leaves the editor / publisher in no doubt that you’re the best person for the job.

9. Submit your best writing – always!

Aim to impress, and keep on making an impression. Good writing and a professional approach will win you commissions and help you maintain a steady flow of writing income.