How to Get the Best From Your Writer

You have hired a freelance writer to work on your project.

You want amazing copy that will tantalize your target readers and win you a loyal audience.

So, how do you go about getting the best from your writer?


Here are some tips:

* Give a clear brief about your project. Let the writer know exactly what is required.

* Make sure the writer is familiar with your `house style’ so that the material is written to suit your target audience.

* Ensure that the writer has access to any relevant research materials.

* If you need to have the work completed by a certain date, make sure your writer is aware of the deadline.

* Be clear about the terms of contract (for both parties) and honour agreements.

* Pay good rates. For guidelines, visit the Freelance Fees Guide (UK) or Payscale(USA)

* Do pay on time.

* Give credit where it’s due.

Remember, good writing can make your fortune. Commit to a great working relationship with the writer and they will serve you well.

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