How to Gain Top Rates for Writing Jobs

1# Become a topic expert. If you have a specialist skill, knowledge or qualification, use your expertise to gain regular feature or authoring work.

2# Do the research. Identify niche or trade publishers that pay top rates. For example, technical writing can be extremely well-paid and some publishers will pay up to a dollar per word.

3# Be professional. If you want to be paid well, offer a professional writing service. Produce quality writing and always deliver on time.

4# Sell your writing again. Consider offering your articles for syndication or sell your features to publications overseas to maximise your profits.

5# Know your worth! When asked for your rates, don’t sell yourself short. If you believe your writing is worthy of a well-paid commission, ask for the payment you require.

6# Keep adding to your skills. Your knowledge is valuable so keep adding to your skill-set. Become known for what you do.