Finding Time to Write?

If you have another job, family to look after, and daily commitments, finding time to write can be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions on how to claim more precious writing time…

Prioritize… Decide what’s important in your daily routine. Are some activities really necessary? Only do what really needs to be done. You can seize an extra hour or more each day by eliminating unnecessary activities.

Be Super-Organised… Use an achievable `to do’ list to plan what needs to be done. Keep clutter to a minimum so you don’t lose time searching for things. Have an efficient filing system. The better organised you are, the more time you have to write.

Delegate… Can you delegate some of the household chores to other members of the family? If you can’t share the work then cut down on domestic duties. What’s more important, spending an hour dusting or working on your potential best-seller?

Let go… Are you holding on to certain routines and habits that aren’t really necessary? Do you really need to check your phone, facebook, or email every hour of the day? Do you really need to spend hours each night watching television? Let go! By releasing old and redundant commitments, you free up more time for writing.

Once you find time to write, make the most of it. Avoid distractions. Place a ‘do not disturb’ notice on your door. Use every moment of that precious time to write.